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Deep Sea Fishing Tips

By Garvin Douglas

Fishing in the deep sea is an amazing experience that once tried you will never forget. Here are some tips that will help you to enjoy your trip even more.

1. Watch what the sea and its wildlife are telling you.

If you see birds, such as gulls, hovering over an area of water, pay attention. There is a strong likelihood that there are smaller fish that are used by fishermen for bait in the immediate area. This shows that there will be larger fish under the surface of the water.

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Fishing Zone

We offer our customers three main fishing areas within and outside of The Bay or create your own fishing adventure!

The Bay
- Recommended for Bottom fishing, trolling, larger groups, wives and girlfriends, cruise passengers, those on a tight budget or short on time, those who get seasick. Less than 1 hour of travel time.

El Morro - Recommended for those who want the best deep sea fishing possible in 8 hours in Puerto Vallarta, run as a combo trip with the Marietas Islands. All fishermen, those who want an excellent chance at a trophy fish, but don't want the travel time of Corbetena or the Banks. Approx. 1.25 hours each way.

Corbeteña - Serious fishermen, trophy fishing, Marlin and Sailfish, Wahoo and Tuna. Our recommendation for the best overall fishing site in Puerto Vallarta. Approx 1.5 hrs each way.

The Banks - Recommended for only the most hardcore fishermen or overnighters. Popular for huge cow tuna, but at over 50 miles, it's a long haul. Approx. 2 hours each way.

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